Childcare Amsterdam New West

Childcare Amsterdam New West

Childcare for children 0 -12 years

Childcare for children 0 -12 years

Parents looking for childcare in Amsterdam New West will most likely end up at Childcare Het Pareltje. Children from Slotervaart, Geuzenveld, Slotermeer, Old West and Bos en Lommer also come join our daycare. A cozy mix of different cultures!


0 – 2 year

Het Pareltje Amsterdam - Guppies 0-2 jaar


2 – 4 year


2,5 – 4 year

Het Pareltje Amsterdam - Voorschool 2,5 - 4 jaar


4 – 12 year

Het Pareltje Amsterdam - Kapiteintjes 4 - 12 jaar

You want to go to work or study with peace of mind; we understand that. Your child deserves nothing but the best. Our team of qualified employees do their best to create a lovely day for your child, every single day. Whether that’s in the nursery, pre-school or after-school care … It’s always a day filled with playing and adventures!


We believe that our nursery should be a safe, quiet place, so we can offer a calm environment especially for the youngest children. And at the same time, it has plenty of space for babies and toddlers to discover, roll and clamber. There is so much to explore!

This cozy 0-2 year old group is called ‘The Guppies’. Everyday there are no more than 10 children, so that it’s a small and intimate group. We make sure that there are always employees that know your baby or toddler well. Guaranteeing this safety is very important to us.

With babies especially, we follow the rhythm you have created at home. As your child gets a little older, they will slowly move into the rhythm of the daycare. This is also very pleasant since your child in this way knows what to expect. Of course we coordinate all of this with you as a parent.

Children from the age of 1 year eat a hot meal at noon. We make this ourselves. Even the youngest children can enjoy vegetables, meat, chicken, rice, pasta, couscous and soup.


This challenging group of 2-4 year-olds is called ‘The Dolphins’. There are no more then 16 toddlers at a time, and there are always qualified pedagogical staff members present. We work with the developmental method Pyramid. Super fun for toddlers, because in this way we also work with themes like spring and art.

Whether it’s with music, dancing, crafting or playing outdoors; your toddler will have a lot of fun. Want to take a dive into a ball pit? We make it possible in our mini gym! We even have a professional music show every other week.

In the afternoon we eat a hot meal. We make this meal ourselves. Children can enjoy vegetables, meat, chicken, rice, pasta, couscous and soup.

The cozy interior invites your toddler to play, alone or with others. They can find a variety of toys in our toy cabinets, and play with their favourite toy in our play corners. And, especially during holiday periods, we like to make a trip, for example to a petting zoo.

Primary school children

Our after-school care in Amsterdam New West is the place to be for primary school children from 4 to 12 years old. At the after-school care we currently pick up children at the Pro Rege school, El Amine 2, Huizingaschool and Pieter Jelles Troelstraschool. We do this on foot. If the school is a bit further away, we go with our own transport.

This cozy after school care is called ‘De Kapiteintjes’ (translated to ‘The Captains’) and has room for 20 children. Next to this, we have a small group called ‘De Kraaltjes’ for up to 7 children. Our after-school care group is located on the first floor, and is fully equipped.

After school a child wants to do fun things and relax. That is what our after-school care stands for. Chilling with friends, for example. Every afternoon we offer different activities. This can for example be cooking, an art activity or going outside to play sports. Your child decides whether he or she wants to participate or not. If your child wants to do homework that is of course also possible, and we are ready to answer any questions that might come up.

Come and visit us for a tour. We will make sure you leave with all the information you need! Contact us here. See you soon!


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